Personal Chef Service

Why do you need a personal chef? You’re a busy professional, you’re shuttling kids to school and countless activities, traveling, meeting community and social obligations, squeezing in that much needed workout — or all the above!!! Yet, at the end of a long day good nutrition is still a priority, and a home-prepared meal is exactly what you need and deserve.

B. Angeli is a personal chef service designed to meet the growing demand for healthy, palate-specific meals created for individuals and families with hectic schedules and limited free time. All meals are prepared in your home kitchen using only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. Each dish is carefully cooked in a manner that preserves natural goodness, distinct flavors and textures, and nutritional integrity --- the Mediterranean way!

Why wait for a table, eat mass-produced takeout, or call for delivery? Let B. Angeli do the menu planning, shopping, cooking and clean-up. Your table will be a place where you can relax in privacy and savor the mouthwatering aromas and flavors of freshly prepared meals cooked in the safety and convenience of your kitchen.

Client’s Quote

Chef Barb created a most unusual menu for Leadership California's annual retreat dinner. Everything was imaginative, fresh, delicious and artistically served. She went to great lengths to accommodate certain dietary restrictions and even gave a delightful presentation to the group. This resulted in a memorable evening that board members are still talking about.

Paula March, President, Leadership California

B.Angeli’s Services

Personal Chef Service

Personal Chef Service provides you with a customized plan and nutritious meals that fit your individual or family needs --- all prepared freshly and conveniently in your own kitchen. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services at a surprisingly affordable price.

Private Party Service

Private Party Service is a unique dining experience. Whether it’s a special occasion for two or a small gathering of guests, relax and enjoy a fabulous meal prepared by B. Angeli in the quiet and comfort of your own home.

Fearless Cooking Classes

"Fearless Cooking Classes" put the fun back into shopping, chopping and cooking. Sharpen your culinary skills and knowledge, stir up some new dishes and dazzle a dinner guest or two with a menu lovingly created by you!

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